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A Mythology of Pleasure in Kasseler Dokfest 2018

AMythology poster KASSEL announce

This is a special occasion for me, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

A Mythology of Pleasure in Kölner Museumsnacht 2018

Come see the fantastic film program running during the Night of the Museums in the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.


Super psyched to be selected amongst such great films!

Leipzig was a blast!


Behold a pic of the makers of In Search, winners of prizes!

And the makers of A Mythology of Pleasure collaborating in having a great Q & A after the morning session at the Passage Kinos.

Thanks a lot to the DOK Leipzig, it really was a blast.

A Mythology of Pleasure in DOK Leipzig 2018

Our film will participate in the German Short competition in Leipzig, and I couldn’t be happier to invite you all to join Jule and I in celebrating.

AMythology poster DOK announce

The film is showing on the following dates

31.10 – 22:15 —  02.11 – 12:30

A Mythology of Pleasure in Madrid – 14 Sept

Super happy to announce that A Mythology of Pleasure will be taking part in the fabulous Directed by Women Festival, in Cineteca Madrid.

See the program here – Directed by Women – Cineteca

For more info – DBW site


Palm Springs International ShortFest 2018

Talking about dreamy festivals, our inclusion in the Official Selection in Palm Springs couldn’t have been more of a blast.

Read my full report on the AG Kurzfilm site, soon. It really rocked.


Back to Madrid!

I’m really happy to announce that A Mythology of Pleasure will be taking part of this year’s Directed by Women incredible selection

Programación Cineteca

Come say hi, we will be taking part in the Q & A after the session on Friday, 14th of September.

DocumentaMadrid 2018

The Collaborettes, in our escapade to Madrid, where not only did we have a blast, but also, we got to see amazing films and meet amazing filmmakers from all over this tiny planet.


wie ich mich verlor – Bildgestaltungspreis for Marie Zahir

The film by Sarah Weber, which I had the pleasure to help edit, has been awarded the Best Photography prize at the Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund / Köln 2018

Herzliche Glückwünsche, Marie!


A Mythology of Pleasure –

Premiere in DocumentaMadrid 2018

I’m really proud and happy to announce that A Mythology of Pleasure, the documentary we produced at BS Atelier, will find its premiere in Madrid, my hometown, in May 2018

DocumentaMadrid 2018 – National Competitioncropped-bs-screen_ellas.png

Weihnachten in WDR5

Check out the Christmas pieces I had the pleasure to edit for WDR.

Xmas Generations in WDR

German Short Film Prize Workshop with Sophie Maintigneux

Jule Cramer and yours truly had the incredible honor to share the stage with Sophie Maintigneux, during her presentation in the German Short Film Prize. She invited us to share our experiences working together, and it was such a pleasure.

An interest in the latex industry?

The Cut it short! panel included Phil Collins and Isabel Hergera, incredibly talented professors from the KHM.

Oh Brother Octopus wins the German Short film Prize 2017

I am extremely proud to share with you that Oh Brother Octopus, the short documentary directed by Florian Kunert that I helped edit has won the German Short Film Prize!

The film is thus directly classified as the German contender for the Oscars. The news were dully celebrated last night. Congrats, Florian!!!


2017 winners

Showcase 2017

11.30 –13.30 Uhr Programm 1, Moderation: Prof. Marcel Kolvenbach

Jule Cramer and yours truly will be taking questions at the KHM event of the fall.


Trailer for Directedbywomen by Kinopatio

Check out the trailer we made for the amazing festival in their Spanish section, a wonderful project that we’re super psyched to make a part of.

Rundgang 2017

Come see my latest installation in KHM Rundgang. The whole Rundgang looks amazing!

300khm17072Transmedialer Raum (Große Witchgasse) 

Editing Eva Sola

The postproduction of Eva Sola is just an extension of how well this shoot went. Thanks again, everyone!

EvaSola_Still_03EvaSola_Still_05EvaSola_Still_D00_0 copiaEvaSola_Still_D00_05 copia

Directed by Women – Spain

Only a couple of days left… C’mon, send your films! …. And check out the full package of promos that we made marketing campaign for the festival at Kinopatio

Table Tennis World Championship 2017 in Düsseldorf

If you wanna see the longest table tennis table in the world, and can’t believe how nice and sunny the weather was… Check out what kinopatio was up to the last few days. 🏓🏆🎥🕹️ Thanks a lot to Jenny Hellmann and Engagement Global, for a super fun experience shooting with them. #TTX #ttx2017#engagementglobal #film #kinopatio#düsseldorf #OneGameOneWorld

Directed by Women Spain

The communication campaign we made for Directed by Women Spain is out there on the wavity waves, and there’s more to come! stay tuned at

This coming September, go check their festival in Madrid, Sevilla, Palma and Valladolid.

Something’s Cookin’

Kinopatio, the place where ideas bubble up, is growing at huge, beautiful steps!

Follow us on Facebook Vimeo Instagram & Check out our latest creations at

Darjeeling – It’s A Dream

Sometimes, when people ask me what I do, I say, “I help out”. This video is one of those times. This reminds me how much I like my job, because with such nice teams like these, it’s a pleasure to come and edit a bit. So much fun, and such a beautiful video.

Directed by Women Spain – Convocatoria Abierta – Open Call!

Abierta la convocatoria para presentar trabajos a DBWS. Súper contenta de colaborar con la III Edición.

Más info – Directed by Women Spain –

Eva Sola, it’s a wrap!

Some pictures from the shoot, which I still daydream about, with much love and appreciation for the coolest team, and the best of times.

Many greetings from the bat-cave, could barely wait to edit 😀


Eva Sola, a film by Lara RCZ, first previews

EvaSola_Still_D00_06 copia

As part of my next fiction project, Eva Sola, we had the pleasure to shoot some documentary scenes during New Year’s Eve.

The editor in me couldn’t help but playing around with the editing for a bit. I’m finding much joy in making this film, but sometimes I just miss editing. Sharing some pics from what I found plunging into the rushes. Enjoy!

Ira todavía en cines!

La película de Jota Aronak, recomendada en La 2 de TVE. Súper orgullosa de formar parte!

Ira, una película de Jota Aronak, Estreno en cines!

3 de Marzo, en Cines de toda España (por ahora!)

Un equipo excepcional, una experiencia de entrega como pocas, y un orgullo haber formado parte de todo eso!

Las lentejas y el Destino by Miguel Müller-Frank

Coming soon!

Oh Brother Octopus @Berlinale 2017


Oh Brother Octopus is premiering at Berlinale. I’m really happy to share the great news with you, here is where to go:

“Oh Brother Octopus”
Tuesday, February 14th
CinemaxX 5 near Potsdamer Platz
See you there!

New Showreel!

New Retro Wave, you belong in 2016.


BS Atelier Documentary – Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for my next film, a piece I had the pleasure to shoot with the sensational Jule Kramer and the BS Team, the finest artisans in Valencia, Spain.

Currently editing the piece with my own teeth and hands and Arturo Peña, a colleague from the EICTV.

Coming soon to Lara RCZ’s showroom

BS team

Lara RCZ @686gallery

Yayayayay! 686 gallery artist catalogue

Las lentejas y el Destino

We’re so close to finishing the latest feature by Miguel Müller-Frank that we had the pleasure to introduce it to the characters themselves, in the very same place the film was shot.

Amongst many other reasons (food  showing the director and the photographer around, and the delights Madrid has to offer food ), these last few days in Spain were all kinds of magical.

All of our gratitude goes to the characters, who presented us with the opportunity of watching it with them. It was like watching a DVD extra where the director explains scenes and moments. Most of the assumptions I had made about some characters were, as it always is when you make judgements, mostly not right. What a great way to be reminded of how limited we humans are. A must for every documentary editor!

Stay tuned for more updates on the film!

(Untitled) Loke Lau by Yusuke Ito in LA Weekly!

Yusuke’s piece was one of the video works I had the pleasure to participate in while in LA last winter. His thesis work was also one of my favorite shows at the Art Center College of Design.

Now, it was picked as one of the five shows to watch by LA weekly. Really proud of Yusuke!

LAXART – 7000 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood; through Jan. 7. (323) 871-4226,

Demons goes international

For everyone interested in seeing Luisa Betancur Ossa’s beautiful piece Demons in festivals around the world, it’s starting its round!

Caja de Pandora (Colombia)
Bestias Danzantes (Chile)
Videomovimiento (Colombia)

Vreme (Time, Epoch, Weather…)


Happy to see Reality still has it ways to fit meaning into things. Duisburg was as fulfilling as predicted. Thanks to everyone who came!

Vreme in Duisburger Filmwoche 40

Friday, November 11th – 12 pm @Filmforum Duisburg

Vreme is taking off in the festival round with Duisburg. Dragana and I are going to be there. She will most likely be the fabulous one, while I celebrate the good news.

Duisburg 2016 Program

Oh Brother Octopus team premiere

Sunday October 9th, 2016 – Residenz Kino – Cologne, Germany

The documentary film by Florian Kunert, which I had the pleasure to help editing, is showing in a double feature with Tarda Estate, by Antonello Scarpelli.

Congratulations to the talented filmmakers!

Brain Drain in Toulouse

Brain Drain (or Are Spanish People Taking over the World) featured in Toulouse, France, next weekend.

Venez nombreux !

Galerie Zunzún

Place Bachelier 31000 Toulouse – France
02 October 2016 – Shows at 12.45 – 13.15 – 13.45 – 14.15

Demons, featured in Boooooom TV!

Demons @Boooooom TV!

Oliver Tree – Demons (ft. Beat Culture & Lena Kuhn)

Really happy and proud of Luisa Betancur Ossa, the video I had the pleasure to help her edit is finally coming to y’all

Read More @HuffingtonPost

Half Past You @KHM Rundgang 2016

The installation I made during my stay at Art Center College of Design, featured at the show in KunstHaus Rhenania, during KHM Rundgang 2016

Half Past You @KunstHaus Rhenania

Vreme in Cologne

Very exciting news!

Vreme, the film by Dragana Jovanovic that I had the pleasure to edit, is showing in Cologne.

The details are on the KHM website
Vreme by Dragana Jovanovic
Aula der KHM 
Saturday the 23 of July, 4 PM

Watch Marea for free!

Marea – Tides now available online

Many thanks to the director, Adam Breier!

MORE                                        EDITING

Desearch Repartment Cologne Convention 2015

The short documentary we made for the Desearch Repartment is premiering at the Academie der Künste der Welt

Camera: Agustina Sánchez Gavier | Lara RCZ

Edit & Post production: Lara RCZ

Desearch Repartment                 MORE

Como en Casa Alimentos Naturales

Como en Casa is an organic shop in downtown Madrid, right in the heart of the Rastro. They’re celebrating their 10th anniversary as a bio-product shop, but they’ve been in the neighborhood since 1904. One of my favorite places in the whole city, where everyone feels at home.



DEMO REEL                                         COLLABORATIONS

Spanien – Video premiere party

Releasing the video for Benjamin Garcia’s song, directed by Lara RCZ, yay!

Spanien poster ben

Thursday, 17.12.15, 20 h. – Centro ‘MACHADO’

Deutsch-Spanischer Kulturkreis, Severinsmühlengasse 1, 50678 KÖLN

More info:

Centro Machado, Südstadt –

HOME                BENJAMIN                        MORE

Afuera in DokLeipzig

I am happy to announce that Afuera, the documentary feature by Laurentia Genske, which I was lucky enough to edit, is running in DokLeipzig 2015!

Really excited to be sharing the gig with such great pieces like El Enemigo, by Aldemar Matias!

Afuera in DokLeipzig!!

New Reel!


Music Video for Benjamin Garcia’s song

New Website… Coming up!

Revamping the site has been quite a challenge, to try and fit in all of what’s going on. Hope this helps (me!) keep track of all of what’s going on. is a lotta (fun) work! Phew!

Brain Drain (Or Are Spanish People…) in Transmedialer Raum

This must be the equivalent to feeling home in a website. Especially when Brain Drain is all about what people do and need to feel at home.

Transmedialer Raum Website

Brain Drain (Or Are Spanish People…) in I Know, You Know

Very honoured to take part in the exhibition, amongst such amazing people and pieces.

Move On!

Brain Drain on the Burg site!

Check out some information on the Koelner Wissenschaftsrunde

Brain Drain (Or Are Spanish People…) in Werkleitz 2015

The festival was an incredible experience, and I was pretty blown away by some of the pieces. Such a pleasure to take part in Werkleitz 2015!

Special thanks to the Transmedialer Raum and the Burg teams.

Pictures coming soon!


Halle Events

Wildestadt, by Eva G. Alonso


Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-04 um 11.26.22Definitely looking forward to more pieces that inspire so many other artists: Marje Hirvonen created a dance piece thatwas presented at the opening, with the performance of Kärst, also sound designer of the piece. Now, I’m happy to release this video for the installation Wildestadt, by Eva G. Alonso.

The Fall in Locarno, 201511796391_10153475784315890_8578111664807503364_n

OTOÑO (Fall, 秋) @ 68 Festival del Film di Locarno
Filmmakers Academy Showcase:
“Stop Making Sense! (And don’t ask questions)”
Wed.12|8|2015–7pm, Cinema Rialto 3

Marea wins Cambridge Cinema Shorts, 2015

marea.posterOur EICTV thesis film wins The Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2015

“It had a narrative that peeled away like layers of an onion – constantly surprising and wrong-footing me as to its direction. The cinematography was gorgeous too – they really managed to capture the light intensity of what I imagine a beach in Cuba looks like“.

Congratulations to the whole team!

About Us

The Fall in Valparaíso, 2014

Video-dance Festival in Chile

2do Festival Video-Danza Movimientos Urbanos – Promo

New Website for Marea (Tides)


I’m really excited and happy to see that Marea is getting so much attention from festivals all over the world.

Marea in Bilbao

Outfest LA, here we go!

Marea is making my day, again.

Look, mom, we’re on Indiewire!

Les Oranges Bleues is out!

I collaborated with a piece, it’s somewhere in there amongst beautiful pieces of good times, that Julia Scrive-Loyer put together, in one of her usual awesome cocktail-like shake ups of reality.

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